Happiness lies, first of all, in health.
~George William Curtis

Products & Diagnostic Testing

We carry a wide variety of orthopedic supports and supplies, nutritional and herbal supplements, homeopathic therapies, and exercise aids (such as therabands and styrofoam rollers).


Apex Products Online

Dr. Tribble's patients can still order from Apex Energetics.


Below is the information on how to order Apex online. Please follow the instructions below to get started:




Once you are on the website you will need to register as a patient. The prompts will ask you your first and last name along with Dr. Patrick Tribble's HCP Store Code; patricktribbledc.


The online store is set up like most online ordering. Once logged in just search for your product, add to the cart and checkout. Shipping and handling is $6.95 for any sized purchase and we discounted purchased products to cancel out the shipping costs behind the scenes. 


Please let us know if you need any assistance.


Diagnostic Testing

To evaluate certain health conditions, we will recommend, order, and interpret specific tests. For blood panels, we use Lab Corp and Quest Diagnostics. For intestinal permeability, gluten and food sensitivity, we partner with Cyrex Labs, and for radiographic and MRI evaluations, we refer patients to Alta Imaging, Kaiser Permanente and Emeryville Advanced Imaging. For hair, saliva, fecal, and special blood testing, we use cutting-edge laboratory services from Genoa, Meridian Valley, Diagnos-Techs, Metametrix, and Enterolabs, in addition to other facilities. When indicated, we recommend cortisol/DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), hormonal, and digestive panels to assess supplemental and nutritional approaches to better health.


Nutritional Supplements

We carry nutritional supplements and remedies from a variety of suppliers, including Apex Energetics, Biodesign, Integrative Therapuetics, Karuna, Klaire Labs, Metagenics, MS Pro, Protec Nutritionals, Physiologics, Pure Encapsulations, Standard Process, and other quality companies.


Foot Orthotics

Improper foot support or mechanics may be the source of back or leg pain. For optimal support, we provide custom-made foot orthotics by Foot Levelers. Common foot orthotics support only the medial arch, while ignoring the metatarsal and lateral arches, and they don’t address incorrect pronation or supination (the degree to which the foot rolls inward or outward during normal motion). Foot Levelers offers specific products for different styles of shoes (athletic, dress, boots, clogs, and pumps) and different types of foot problems (such as bunions and hammer toes) to improve foot mechanics and provide greater spinal stability.

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