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I am so grateful that you were called to this profession and that I got to be your patient. What can one say as thanks for 24 years of healing of body, mind, and spirit. You have been a source of support for my family, a wonderful role model for my daughter, and a wonderful presence of healing light in my life. It’s hard to be as articulate as I feel in my heart.
~Laurel G

Thank you Patrick, for giving me the confidence in walking again.
~I. Jacobs

You are a gifted healer -both a scientist and an artist of chiropractic. I appreciate all the training you've done to benefit you patients and am grateful for the wisdom your 30 years of practice has given you.

Awesome....You are a great guy with a way to heal my back like no one else can...and many have tried and failed. I also look forward to our dialogue every time I see you.
~D. Gelfand

                         Patrick Tribble

                   Doctor of Chiropractic

Patrick Tribble, a second-generation chiropractor, is a 1981 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic West. In 1990 he completed a three-year postgraduate program in chiropractic orthopedics from Western States Chiropractic College, and more recently, a two-year course in chiropractic neurology from the prestigious Carrick Institute. Currently he is engaged in academic studies with Datis Kharrazian, D.C., gaining knowledge and practical experience in the field of functional blood chemistry to determine nutritional treatment for his patients.

Several key individuals have influenced Patrick Tribble’s practice, giving him insight and guidance into the holistic healing arts. The first was his father, Nyle Tribble, Doctor of Chiropractic. In 1981, Patrick Tribble met Gayle Pierce, Registered Nurse, Natropathic Doctor, Doctor of Chiropractic, who mentored him until her death in 1999. Dr. Pierce taught a variety of healing methods, including general medicine, chiropractic, naturopathy, psychology, and metaphysics. Another chiropractic mentor was Raymond Biase, Doctor of Chiropractic, whom he also met in 1981. For ten years Patrick Tribble studied and worked with Raymond Biase, first as an apprentice, then as a trusted colleague.

In addition to his practice, Patrick Tribble pursues a variety of projects, interests, and hobbies. He has participated in or led numerous meditation retreats, men’s groups, and workshops in spiritual and personal development. He served as a board member of the Tibetan Project Fund and the Dzogchen Community West Coast Center, Dondrub Ling. His healing advice  

appears in several books, including The Intuitive Healer by Marcia Emery and The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide by James Redfield and Carol Adrienne. As a nature lover, he enjoys backpacking into the high Sierras each summer. He creates interior spaces and exterior landscapes, incorporating texture, color, and Feng Shui principles. He also plays golf, basketball, volleyball and baseball.

Patrick Tribble is married to Gerry Tribble, B.S.N., R.N., who works as a hospice nurse at Hospice Of The Foothills in Grass Valley. Together they share the love of their family and many friends. Patrick and Gerry both like to travel, especially to New England for the fall colors and the apple harvest festivals.

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